Friday, December 3, 2010

2010 gigs - a review!

Hello everyone!

Just looking back at 2010 and wow! What a great year!  Just wanted to share all the amazing events and gatherings that I got to be part of!  2011 will be equally amazing!

INTENTION 2010 (NYE/Winter Solstice gathering)

POD 'Beat the Winter Blues' party

POD 1 Year Anniversary Party

Invision 2010 (Spring Equinox Gathering)

Alice in Waterland

Kootenanny Music Festival

ArtSpot 2nd Year Anniversay Party w/ Gift of Gab


Inshala III

North Country Fair 2010

Astral Harvest 3

Bow River Flow 2010

Symmetree 2010

POD 'White Light' Party

MRU Sustainability Week Wrap-up Party

Harvest Harmony Festivus @ Saskatoon Berry Farm

Light Cellar Elixir Party

ArtSpot Go Figure! Art Show

Full Moon Festivus @ Saskatoon Berry Farm

& many other house parties and gatherings

and a few more yet to come this year!!

And I'll use this opportunity to let you know that I've begun working on some new stuff, I hope to be releasing 2 new mixes over the next month or so, as well as some of my very own productions... stay tuned!!

<3 Nate