Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nate Spektacle is transforming!! say hello to IllumiNate!

with my newest mix comes a new identity!

after many months of contemplation, I am welcoming in a new identity as a DJ, illumiNate, a name which I feel rings much more true with the person I am, and the energy I create and share behind the decks.

here is the cover art for my new promo mix album, the mix itself will be dropping shortly!

so excited about this new release!! stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

new Pic? ;D comments?

this'll be an early version, i am trying to get the original in hq and then werk it :)

new Bio? comments? thoughts?

Creating an up-lifting mix of eclectic world, tribal tech, and upfront house music, the dancefloor has no choice but to erupt in energy when DJ Nate Spektacle hits the stage.
Having earned Alberta-wide praise and recognition for co-creating dancefloor bliss at amazing local festivals including Inshala, Intention, North Country Fair, Bow River Flow, Astral Harvest, and Winter Soulstice, Nate is back with a bright smile once again to energize and ignite the celebrating masses with pure love, radiant light, and driving house beats!