Thursday, October 8, 2009

mix post #3

If I keep going at this rate, I'm gonna run out of mixes to post. But no worries, I've got lots to upload at home, for now I'll post my most recent and if feedback is positive, I'll head to the archives and dust off some of those old house mixes I was doing back in the day.

Here is the 3rd mix:

Furias vs Spektacle - SeptemberMash

This is a mix that we recorded live at Sal's on 17th last September. 'We' being myself and my good friend and fellow DJ Jeff M, aka Furias. We were semi-regular guest DJs at Sal's, and could really get the crowd going when we did tag-team sets. So we decided to hit record one night so we could promote our team a little.

This mix has a very clubby vibe, with many house, electro, and fidgety "warehouse" style tunes. A fun mix for sure. This mix is stricly for promotional use and personal enjoyment only.


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