Tuesday, October 20, 2009

mix post #4

Good day my beautiful people

Here we go! MASSIVE MIX POST #4

Tribute to the B-Line (fall 2008)

This was last fall's big project for me, and it turned out awesome in my opinion

Wanting to step outside of the norm, I compiled some of my favorite tunes spanning many genres, including ragga styles, house, breaks, b-more, electro, dubstep, garage, and more, but all the tracks seem to come back and emphasize one thing - the BASSLINE... hence the title. At the time I was being influenced by many different things: people, DJs, parties, venues, etc, and this really speaks to that. I wanted to be able to show that I'm not the sort of DJ who sticks to one strict style, genre, or crowd - this mix is definitely different, varied, and FUN.

FYI, this mix is for promotional use and personal enjoyment only (not for sale or profit).

I really hope you enjoy this one



PS Here's the back cover with tracklist:

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