Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NateSpektacles DJ History

A brief run-down of my DJ History - events, parties, gatherings, gigs, etc.
I'll likely add to this over the next little while:

Pre-1999 - My love for music has been strong since I was young. In high school, emerging groups like Chemical Brothers, the Prodigy, Orbital and others really cemented my love for progressive electronic music. Once of age, I started frequenting night clubs in Edmonton, AB that featured good DJs and lots of house and electronica...

Late 1999 - Attended my first 'Massive'. DJ, Rave, and Party culture was huge.

2000-2001 - Started experimenting with mixing and producing, although I had limited means of doing such... I made do though, I had to create :)

~2001 - bought my first house record on vinyl... the 'black crack' addiction began

2002-2004 - Hosted numerous house parties where myself and roomie would spin all night long :) There were also a few smaller parties I got to be a part of, and one big party in Vancouver where I got a chance to play at 5:00am. I was nervous, and it showed, but one really awesome compliment afterwards totally made my day.

2004-2005 - Moved to the country (Bragg Creek then Black Diamond), where I began focussing on a lot of hip-hop and turntablism. Still did some house mixes, I'll try to find and post an oldie for ya. Also became good friends with a great crew at Camp Horizon, and they threw numerous parties out in the forest which was really sweet.

2005-2007 - Attended Olds College, was able to throw 3 DJ parties in the student residence pub. Turn-out and vibe was great, especially considering this is an Agricultural college.

2008 - This is the first year where I really started gigging and building my name and a following.

The Return of the Pussy Willow - Camrose, AB
Michaelangelo's Lounge ('The Bar') - Friday night residency - Calgary, AB
Sal's on 17th - various nights - Calgary
MASH @ Tipperary's Pub - Calgary

2009 - this year has been amazing. Less gigs, but better gigs (IMO). Shied away from the club scene, as I was not finding night clubs to be my favorite environment. Became involved in local community, and found some amazing groups of people in Edmonton, Calgary, and elsewhere, where I could share my love of music, and truly express myself creatively.

- Intention 2008 (New Year's) Pigeon Lake, AB
- InVision: TheWay (Spring Equinox) Pigeon Lake, AB
- Purple Octopus Dungeon (POD) (more on this soon...) house parties Calgary, AB
- POD Fest (Spring) Calgary, AB
- INSHALA II - Lethbridge, AB
- ARTSpot Parties (Local art Gallery) Calgary, AB
- Symmetree (Fall Equinox) Pigeon Lake, AB
- A few other house parties too :)

The summer months I was gone mostly, attending various festivals and gatherings, so not many gigs, but seeing so much talent and so many beautiful people co-creating really inspired me to keep going strong and continue on my musical path. I hope to become more a part of all these events in the future.

Events I attended:
Intention Alberta
Inshala II
North Country Fair
South Country Fair
Shambhala (first time! whoa)
Astral Harvest

2009 has been so much fun, and I'm not slowing down! Looking for many more opportunities for the rest of the year, and beyond.

Future gigs for this year/near future:
-BARDO Halloween Party - Oct 30
-Future POD parties
-Future ARTSpot parties
-Evolve[-]d intentional gatherings
-And more I hope!

Currently working on getting a spot for the following festivals next year:

North Country Fair
South Country Fair
Astral Harvest
Shambhala?? (my ultimate goal....)
And many more.......... if all goes well ;)

There's a lot more for me to share, but I'll wrap it up for now...

Thanks for reading!

Love Nate

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