Wednesday, November 4, 2009

mix post #5

Good day beautiful people!

This is the one you've been waiting for... I think :)

Here with my fifth mix post, is my most recent mix:


This is probably my finest work to date, one that I am extremely proud of.
'Global Progression' is a progressive mix of tribal, house, and world beat sounds.

This year has seen me focus more on positive and uplifting tracks, as well as a more earthy sound - this mix oozes tribal and purcussive beats, long builds, and ecstatic moments of pure pleasure - please enjoy!!
As always, this mix is not for sale or for profit, it is for personal enjoyment and promotional use only :)

(cover artwork by me with a pencil :)

01-Intro/Aurora (Ayoob) - Peter Archer
02-Brazilian Roots (Deka's Tribal Drums Mix) - Glender
03-Tiko's Groove feat. Mendonca Do Rio - Para Sambar
04-La Bruja (Korioto FukinWitch Remix) - Jah Sound
05-Journey to the Sun (Dennis Ferrer Remix) - Joey Negro and the Sunburst Band
06-God's Love (Kike Mayor Lima Remix) - M. Rodriguez
07-Fiesta 2009 (Nick Corline Remix) - Massivedrum feat. Dilek Taskin and PM
08-One Night in Tunis(Original Mix) - Antoine Clamaran and RayCaze pres Camayea
09-Asia Breaks - Jim Pavloff
10-Loco Tribal - Loco Tribal
11-Tribal Rhythm (D-Unity's Underground Mix) - D-Unity
12-Tribal de los Pobres - Escobar
13-The Vibe - Dave Rose
14-Lick It (Tribal Remix 2009) - D. Morales
15-Sandcastles (Tiger Stripes Dub) - Dennis Ferrer and Jerome Sydenham

Oooo and I should mention, my new mix is in the works and should be completed very very soon!! I am extremely excited about it!! Stay tuned!

Thanks for visiting, for listening, and for your continued support.

Love & Light
Nate Spektacle

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